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Zoom Meetings

The Gateway Primary Academy

Guidelines for Class Zoom Meetings for Parents


To participate in a Zoom meeting with staff at The Gateway we will expect parents to ensure that their child:


  • Is waiting patiently in the waiting room until a member of staff admits them. 
  • Can activate the camera and microphones (we need to be able to see all pupils).
  • Is not capturing images, or taking still photography of anyone during a session.
  • Understands standards of behaviour expected for an online face to face session and has discussed them prior to the session.
  • Has an appropriate background for their livestream.
  • Is appropriately dressed for the Zoom session.
  • Does not share their screen, rename themselves or use the chat feature with others during a session.
  • Understands that the ‘mute’ button will be used as required throughout the session by the host.
  • Is supervised whilst online and that an adult is present throughout the session.

Please note: By choosing to access the meeting, using the meeting ID and passwords, parents accept full responsibility for their child’s behaviour. If one of the rules above is broken, that child will not be able to participate in Zoom meetings in the future.


In preparation for and during a Zoom meeting, school will:


  • Ensure at least 2 members of staff will be present for each zoom session
  • Send a Zoom link with ID number and password ahead of each session (the ID code will be different each time)
  • Ensure that once a session has started the meeting is  ‘locked’ by the host teacher
  • Record all meetings in accordance with Kent Safeguarding guidelines
  • Not arrange 1:1 zoom sessions between teachers and pupils (unless pre-approval has been given by the Headteacher)


Please note: links will only be emailed to the parent/guardian - not to a pupil’s account