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Key Priorities

As a part of one of our three core functions of the governing body we work alongside the school to set its vision, ethos and strategic direction. As a part of this role, we support the school in developing its school improvement plan, which sets out the priorities for the upcoming year. During our governors meetings we receive feedback from the headteacher and discuss steps which have been taken to achieve these targets. Throughout the year, we complete monitoring visits, which are completed in pairs linked to the school improvement priorities. These involve discussions with: subject leaders, book looks and discussions with children. These visits are fed back to the full governing body. 


The key priorities we are supporting The Gateway with for 2021 - 2022 and our monitoring visits will be focussed around are:

  • Ensuring that the achievement of boys and girls working at the greater depth is consistent across the school.
  • Adapting strategies for SEN pupils to ensure they make as much progress as all pupils nationally
  • Strengthening links between themes and topics across the foundation subjects
  • Strengthening children's understanding in maths through their application of problem solving and reasoning skills across the curriculum
  • Strengthening the well-being of pupils, parents and staff through the Anna Freud and Solihull approaches. 
  • Developing new middle leadership within the school to ensure subject leaders are rigorously monitoring and evaluating pupil achievement
  • Continuing to train and upskill new governors
  • Developing parental involvement and engagement in children's learning from the start of the EYFS
  • Developing the EYFS provision in line with the new statutory guidance from 2021.