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During term 1 the children had the opportunity to revisit electricity in their science topic work.  The children were able to investigate more complicated circuits and research different scientists, such as Nikola Tesla.  To demonstrate their understanding of electricity the children were given the opportunity to design and make a game that used electrical circuits.  These games were designed, made and evaluated by the children and, when given to the children in Kingfishers to play, received rave reviews.

World War Two


Always one of the children's favourite topics as they learn about the main events of the Second World War, the important people and the roles they play, as well as looking at how life changes for everyone once the world ended but especially women and children.  The children had the opportunity to visit the museum of Kent Life which helps bring together their understanding of different aspects of the war such as rationing, the home guard and rug making.  At the end of the topic the children used what they knew about the war to design and make a WWII garden which included an Anderson Shelter.  The children showed excellent attention to detail with this and the results were stunning.  



In Year 6, as well as electricity the children investigate light.  They conduct investigations to prove that light travels in straight lines, they observe what happens when light travels through a prism and measure and record how much light is reflected off of different surfaces.