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Welcome to Eagles 2021 - 2022!

We hope you enjoy looking at our learning on this page.


Please remember our home learning is always due in on a Thursday and will be set the following day on Google Classroom. The children should bring their reading records in on their guided reading day - this has been written on the inside cover of their reading records. Spellings are posted onto Google Classroom on a Friday and are tested on those spellings the following Friday.


The children should be changing their home reading books frequently, please ask if they are unsure which books they should be bringing home. It is really important that all children bring a water bottle into school and a piece of fruit for playtime.


Our PE days this year are Monday and Thursday - please ensure your child comes into school in PE clothes and a school jumper.  


Thank you!


At the beginning of term 6 Eagles have been learning about how large amounts of data are able to be transmitted wirelessly.  Over the year they have already learnt about infrared and QR codes but now we are learning about what exactly Bluetooth is and how it is able to transmit large amounts of data successfully.  From the pictures you will see the children in three lines.  Those sending messages (holding tennis racquets), a group trying to intercept and block the message getting through (in the middle) and finally those trying to not only read the message but put it together to ensure it makes sense. 

Roots To Food

Along with the rest of Key Stage 2, the children in Eagles class were put in groups of 5 to prepare and make a dish of Spanish meatballs.  As well as mixing the ingredients the children had to remember to use cooking techniques they have learnt before such as the bridge and claw technique for slicing vegetables like yellow peppers.  Every child had the opportunity to practise their mixing, stirring and presentation skills, taking it in turns, working together to create an amazing dish!

Scarlett said, "I enjoyed working with a group and having the opportunity to practise the cooking skills we had learnt.  It was even better that we had a meal to eat at the end of it too."

Ryan agreed, "Using the knives again to prepare the vegetables gave me the opportunity to use the bridge and claw method and has inspired me to try and cook more at home."     


Tomb Raiders


Eagles have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  During the topic they have learnt how different life was 3000 years ago compared to the modern day in Egypt.  The importance of the River Nile, the process of mummification and understanding the issues around the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun were all investigated.  During the topic the children wrote personification poems about the Nile and newspaper reports about Carter’s great King Tut tomb revelation.  Using the pyramids for inspiration the children also learnt how to draw using perspective.  Working in small groups - using the TASC approach - all the children researched the ancient machine used by the Egyptians for irrigating the land, a shaduf.  Once they have learnt what a shaduf was they were then able to design, make and test their own shaduf.  



In Science this term Eagles class have been studying the topic of light and how we see. They have identified the different parts of the eye and their function and Investigated how light travels in straight lines. The children investigated how glass prisms effect light and how when white light enters a prism it is bent, or refracted, and the light separates into different colours - they all made a rainbow. Each wavelength of light has a different colour and bends at a different angle. The colours of white light always emerge through a prism in the same order-red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

World War Two Experience Day


It was fantastic that the children were able to go on a school trip after so long. They all went down to the Museum of Kent Life in Maidstone to try and experience what life was like for adults and children during the Second World War. Throughout the day the children had the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops immersing them in a variety of aspects of everyday life. The children really enjoyed the evacuee experience, learning about navigation for the RAF, the role of the Home Guard and attempting Rug Rag Making. On returning to school the children had the opportunity to share what they had learnt by creating leaflets to promote the day to other schools.

Virtual Sports Hall Athletics


In a similar way to last year all Key Stage 2 children had the opportunity to participate in the virtual sports hall athletics competition across Dartford. The children had to try and achieve their best in a range of disciplines that included: standing long jump, standing high jump, chest pass, speed bounce and 10m shuttle runs. All the children gradually improved as they had more attempts and were able to practice the skills required to achieve their best.



During term 1 the children have been building on their knowledge of electricity from year 4. The children had the time to revisit making circuits and drawing them using the appropriate symbols. They carried out fair test investigations including using data loggers to discover the effect of changing the voltage on the volume of a buzzer. At the end of the topic the children had the opportunity to create their own educational game that involved electronic circuits. Using the TASC approach the children designed, made and evaluated their games. Kingfishers class were invited to test the games and give their feedback on which ones they enjoyed playing the most. Each pair of children were then given a glockenspiel to compose their own advert jingle for their game. The creativity from all the children during this project combined with using their knowledge of electricity resulted in some incredible games and jingles.

Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac


Born worlds apart: a wolf from Alaska and a boy from Africa…


Our writing has been based around the book Eye of the Wolf. Children have written their own narratives, rewritten parts from alternative views and created non-chronological reports about wolves. Here is what we thought of the book:

-It was really interesting finding out the different backgrounds of the characters.

-We were able to find out different points of view and see things from different character’s perspectives.

-I recommend this book because it was interesting and there was lots of action and detail.

-The story was well-developed and gave you lots of detail about the characters.

-It is really good for people who like adventure stories.