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Curriculum Statement

At The Gateway Primary Academy we provide a rich, engaging and well balanced curriculum that celebrates individuality, builds knowledge and skills, nurtures talent and prepares our pupils for a full, successful and happy life.


Our curriculum

  • Enables all learners to be immersed in a diverse, knowledge-rich environment that harnesses a passion to question the world around them.
  • Inspires pupils to develop self-confidence, independence and a thirst for learning. 
  • Develops life-long learning skills including: reciprocity, resilience, reflectiveness and resourcefulness through the Building Learning Power approach.
  • Develops thinking skills, creativity and problem solving through the TASC approach
  • Uses technology, offsite visits, visitors and experience days to enhance the curriculum and engage learners
  • Nurtures social, moral, spiritual and cultural development alongside academic success
  • Ensures all learners have equal opportunities for success through high expectations and skilful response to the needs of all pupils.


We inspire and encourage our pupils to make a commitment to learning which will last a lifetime. Upon leaving our school, our learners are confident, creative, imaginative, physically and mentally healthy and thirsty to learn more. 


Our curriculum is a BRAVE curriculum:

Bold – Our learners develop curiosity through cross-curricular topics that inspire our pupils to ask and explore questions. Our topics are full of possibilities and exciting opportunities.

Relevant – Our learners engage with a purposeful curriculum that is contextualised: Culturally, Geographically and Historically.

Aspirational – Our learners are motivated to achieve highly through a curriculum that challenges in a nurturing environment.

Varied – Our learners embrace opportunities to develop knowledge and skills within a diverse, creative curriculum. 

Engaging – Our learners are inspired, engaged and immersed in their learning.


Our curriculum is delivered through a balance of cross curricular topics, providing a holistic view of learning, and stand-alone subject teaching where this is necessary, particularly in the core subjects.


A whole school curriculum map outlines the topics taught in each term and year group and how each curriculum subject is delivered through these topics. The curriculum is enhanced through a TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) approach with opportunities for pupils to visit places of interest and learn from visitors to the school.


Pupils are immersed in the school values (teamwork, honesty, respect, kindness and politeness) and the British values to enable them to develop positive learning behaviours and play a full part in our learning community.

For more information about individual topics, subjects or year groups please visit our curriculum by year group or curriculum by subject pages. 


Equal Opportunities

Our curriculum planning ensures that all pupils have equal opportunities to take part in all aspects of our curriculum. Where appropriate, work will be differentiated to meet the needs of individual pupils and where required extra support provided.