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At The Gateway Primary Academy, we recognise the vital role that a high quality maths education plays in preparing our pupils for the future. We recognise that maths is essential to everyday life, science, computing and engineering. Throughout our maths teaching, we promote fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We teach Maths both discretely and aim to give our pupils many real life contexts to apply their mathematical understanding to.





Through our Maths teaching, we aim for all of our pupils to become fluent in the key concepts of Maths. Also, we aim for our pupils to develop their Mathematical reasoning by recognising relationships, making generalisations and proving their thinking using Mathematical vocabulary which is carefully planned from one year group to another. In addition to this, we aim to give our pupils the confidence to solve Mathematical problems using a range of strategies.




In the EYFS Maths is promoted within the environment and children are taught key number skills. From Year 1, it is taught using a ‘mastery’ approach focussing on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Vocabulary is carefully planned from one year group to another to ensure a progressive approach. Mathematical knowledge and skills are embedded across the curriculum to promote Mathematical understanding.  Through our topic based curriculum, we apply Maths in other subjects, such as: Science, Geography and History to ensure our pupils see the important real life contexts of maths learning.

For more information about what your child is taught in each year group please refer to the year group objective documents below:
For more information about the strategies taught to your child at school year group by year group please see our calculation policy. Please speak to your child's class teacher for further information. 

Vocabulary in Maths

We recognise the importance of spoken language in maths and ensure that this progressively planned for from one year group to the next. Throughout all of our maths sessions, we ensure we model the correct mathematical language and encourage our pupils to use this language when explaining their ideas or proving their thinking. We also use discussion, to discuss misconceptions. Please refer to the document below to see which vocabulary your child will be working on in each year at The Gateway. 

Overview of Mathematical Vocabulary Across the School

Supporting our pupils as confident 'Mathematicians'


At The Gateway, we recognise the National Curriculum aim that the majority of pupils will move through the programme of study at broadly the same pace. However, we also recognise that at times some pupils will need additional interventions to close gaps in their learning. To close these gaps, we ensure we implement timely interventions, 1:1 personalised programmes or pre-teaching to meet the needs of our pupils. All of our interventions are flexible and are closely matched to the needs of our pupils to ensure we reduce the gaps where possible.


For our pupils who grasp concepts rapidly, we plan additional challenges and problems that offer them the opportunity to deepen their understanding. We use a range of resources to do this, such as: NRich, NCETM and the White Rose Resources.

For our maths planning, we use and adapt the Kent Planning to match the needs of our pupils and ensure we regularly revisit and consolidate key concepts. We use a range of resources to develop our pupils’ understanding.

Assessment in Maths


In September, we use the National Baseline to assess our new pupils’ initial understanding of mathematical concepts. In our Foundation Stage, the children are assessed against the early learning goals on an ongoing basis over the year through their application in their learning environment.


At The Gateway Primary Academy, we use ongoing assessment through both developmental marking and Classroom Monitor to track the achievement of our children on an ongoing basis.


In addition to the ongoing formative assessment (twice a year - once in March and once in June) we use a summative test papers to inform our teacher assessment alongside Classroom Monitor.

KS1/2 SATs

In Key Stage One/Two in June, the children complete the Statutory Assessment Tests. In Key Stage One, we are invited to attend district moderation where we discuss our judgements alongside other schools in Kent.

Year 4

In June, the children sit a national multiplication check which involves a timed online, on screen test. This check requires the children to be able to confidently recall the times tables up to 12 x 12.

Times Tables at The Gateway

For more information about the teaching of times tables at The Gateway please refer to the document below, which outlines the whole school approach.

Supporting your Child with Maths


At The Gateway, we value parental involvement in supporting a child’s development in mathematical understanding. At the beginning of every academic year, we hold ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings, where the class teacher discusses what support parents can provide at home to support their child’s learning. We also provide a short booklet with additional information. We also run parent workshops linked to maths, for example: the calculation policy.  


In the Foundation Stage and KS1 children are expected to complete counting activities at home and online Education City home learning.


In KS2, home learning activities are set, such as: learning the times tables, Times Table Rock Stars. We also set home learning which consolidates class work.