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Pupil Survey Results

Pupil Survey Summary

February 2022 

KS1 Survey 



Next steps 

Personal development 

  • 90% of children enjoy school 

  • 99% of children said teachers help them to do their best 

  • 95% of children felt encouraged to look after their physical health,  

  • 100% of Year 1 and 2 said they took part in trips and visits 

  • 99% felt encouraged to be independent 

  • 99% of children felt they had the opportunity to discuss their learning 

  • 98% would recommend the school to a friend 

  • Gather pupil voice from 5 children in Herons why they do not enjoy school 


Curriculum and learning 

  • 86% enjoy reading 

  • 94% of children felt they were given work that challenges them 

  • 95% of Year R and Year 2 enjoy learning across the curriculum by 66% of Year 1 enjoy learning across the curriculum 

  • 99% of children felt safe at school 

  • 97% of children enjoy the topics they are taught 

  • 98% of children felt they knew the next steps for their learning 

  • Pupil voice with children who do not enjoy reading – how can we make quiet reading more engaging for this group? 

  • Review learning talking Herons – do they understand the term curriculum? As 93% said they enjoyed the topics at school for question 15.  


Behaviour and attitudes 

  • All children understood that they are taught about bullying. 

  • 99% of children said they were encouraged to respect people from other backgrounds 

  • 94% of children understood how to stay safe online 






KS2 Survey 



Next steps 

Personal development 

  • 81% of children enjoy school the majority of the time with the further 19% enjoying school some of the time 

  • 95% of children agree or strongly agree there is an adult for them to talk to in school if something is worrying them 

  • 87% of children felt encouraged to look after their physical health 

  • 88% of children felt encouraged to look after their mental health 

  • 90% of children say they participate in school activities outside of lessons 

  • 95% of children feel encouraged to be independent and take responsibility 

  • 81% of children say they are provided with information about their next steps – majority of children unsure were in Year 6.  

  • 93% of children feel they have the opportunity to discuss their learning at school 

69% of pupils felt teachers help them to do their best – discuss with pupils who do not feel this what support they feel they would benefit from 

Transition programme in place to be discussed with Year 6 now they are aware of new schools to ease worries around transition 

Curriculum and learning 

  • 81% of children enjoy learning at The Gateway 

  • 89% of children feel that teachers listen what they have to say in the majority of lessons 

  • 79% of children enjoy the majority of topics with 17% enjoying some of the topics 

Focus on challenge across KS2 – particularly in Yr 3, 4 and 6 – in monitoring and learning walk focus on challenge for all pupils. SENCo to focus on challenge for SEN pupils in monitoring and pupil voice around SEN pupils feeling challenged in their learning 

Behaviour and attitudes 

  • 99% of children say they feel encouraged to respect people from other cultures 

  • 63% of children said pupils follow the golden rules around school with 36% saying that some of the time pupils follow the golden rules. 

  • 98% of children said that either bullying doesn’t happen here or it does happen and teachers are either very good or good at resolving it 

  • 94% of children feel safe the majority of the time at school – with only one child saying never due to teachers not wearing armour 

  • 93% of children understand how to stay safe online – with 7% selecting maybe 

Behaviour analysis to continue to identify children not following golden rules and individual systems to continue to be put in place to address this