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Herons - Year 1

Hot and cold places

Our topic this term is Hot and Cold Places. We have looked at some of the hottest and coldest places on the Earth and have taken a closer look at the Artic, Antarctica and the Sahara Desert. We have looked at how animals who live in these places have adapted (changed over time) to be able to survive such hot and cold environments. Look at some of our drawings of camels. We made sure they had four legs, big feet so they don’t sink into the sand, long eyelashes to stop sand from getting in their eyes and a big hump of fat to keep them going when they get tired and there is no food around.


We have had a great time in our very own Ice Palace where we have been reading, writing and drawing Arctic animals.


We have also been looking at a world map and locating the seven continents and five oceans. We have coloured in each continent on our own world map and labelled the five oceans. Some of us have persevered a great deal to try complete a jigsaw of the world too. We have learnt two very catchy songs to help us with the names of the continents and oceans.



We have been learning all about ourselves and our pets this term. We have learnt all about our senses and have had lots of fun using our senses for lots of different activities. We have been drawing and smelling herbs for our herb garden, using our noses to guess different smells and we have been exploring different tastes. We have had a visit from a pet and learnt all about how to look after a pet and what a pet needs. We made non-fiction books about different pets and how to look after them. 




As part of learning about Autumn we read a lovely book called Leaf Man. We all went outside to see if we could find Leaf Man hiding amongst the leaves. We had great fun using the leaves, berries and sticks we found outside to create our own Leaf Men. 


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Farmer Visit

We had a farmer come and visit us to tell us all about life on a farm. We learnt all about where our food comes from and how it gets to the supermarkets.