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Term 2 - The Ancient Greeks and Out of this World!

Be Proud of Yourself...Written and performed by Kestrels!


We were fortunate enough to take part in a special song writing day with Nathan Timothy from 'The Songwriting charity'. We learned how songs are written, recorded and produced, we included verses, backing music, melodies and a chorus all about Bullying and its impact on others. We built up layers of sound, added filters and special effects. Listen carefully... can you hear the beat boxing? Can you hear your voice? Our song 'Be Proud of Yourself' is avaliable now on itunes!


Exploring day and night

In Science this half term, we have been learning about Space. We have been discussing the size of the Earth, Sun and Moon and their distances apart. We then moved onto discussing how the Earth's rotation causes day and night. We used different sized balls and a torch to demonstrate our understanding of this topic. We then produced leaflets to explain what causes day and night for a younger child. 


What do you already know about the Earth, Sun and Moon?