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Welcome to Herons page. We hope you enjoy looking at our learning!

Please remember our home learning is always due in every other Thursday and will be sent back out the next day. For more information on home learning please visit our school home learning section under the children tab at the top. 


The children change their books on a daily basis. Please ensure they bring a water bottle into school for fruit and drinks time after play time. Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday - please ensure your child is dressed in their PE kit with their school jumper on our PE day. 


Thank you! 

Terrific Toys


During term three our focus for this term will be a history and science focus. We will be learning all about toys from over time and also looking at the different materials that the toys were made from. Our skill focus for this topic will be ordering toys on a timeline and comparing toys, looking for similarities and differences.

Our English writing will be linked to our Toys topic: instruction writing, rewriting a story linked to Pinocchio and writing a recount of our trip.

Winter Hunt


In science we learnt about the signs of winter. We then went outside looking for: bare branches, empty birds nests, people wearing hats and scarfs and our breath.


To start our toys topic we first explored the artefacts. We had to answer 3 questions:

1. Is the toy old or new?

2. What is the name of the toy?

3. How do you play with the toy?


Afterwards, we were able to move around the classroom and look at all of the artefacts.

Fire Safety Workshop


Year 1 and Year 2 went to a fire safety workshop together that was run by a Fire Officer.

During the workshop the children learnt what to do if there clothes catch fire (stop, drop and roll), what number to call (999), what to shout if they see a fire (Fire! Fire!) and how often to check the smoke alarms (weekly). A few children were then able to try on the fire officers uniform.

British Money


In maths we have started our learning this week by practically matching British coins with numicon to get an understanding our the coins value. We also wrote and matched the coins value.



Crazy Climates


During term two our learning will be based around our topic Crazy Climate. We will be learning about hot and cold climates and animals that live in those climates. Our English will also be linked to our topic. Our writing focus will be around: Autumn Poems, Snow Queen, My Friend Whale. We will write an Autumn Poem, character descriptions, sequenced the stories, looked at different types of characters (good/ evil), created our own characters and write an information text.


This term in computing our topic has been Algorithms unplugged. We have learnt:

  • Explain what an algorithm is.
  • Write clear algorithms.
  • Follow an algorithm.
  • Explain what inputs and outputs are.

Anti-Bullying Week


Odd sock day

One of the activities for anti-bully week was to come to school wearing odd socks. We also joined up with year 6 to work together to understand what bullying is and what we can do if we or someone we know is being bullied.

2D Shapes


In maths we learn to name and identify the properties of 2D shapes. We also used 2D shapes to create repeated patterns and pictures.

Ourselves and Our Pets


This first half term our learning was based around All About Me. We enjoyed reading Giraffes Can’t Dance, Peace at Last, Aliens Love Underpants. We wrote character descriptions and sequenced stories. In science, we learnt about our body and senses. We can name and identify different body parts and link our senses to a body part.

We began by learning about all about ourselves and how to stay healthy. We explored our senses our senses and had lots of fun using our senses for different activities. 

Natural Collages

For art we created a natural collage out of materials we found on the playground. We used: leaves, twigs, berries and pinecones.



This term in computing we have been focusing on using the skills of; clicking and dragging objects, using a mouse to carefully position shapes, resizing images and using the mouse to draw.