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Kingfishers - Year 2

Welcome to Kingfishers! We hope you enjoy looking at our learning on this page!


Please remember our home learning is always due in on a Thursday and will be sent back out the next day. We also collect reading records in once a week on a Friday. 


The children change their books on a daily basis. Please ensure they bring a water bottle into school for fruit and drinks time after play time. Our PE day is a Thursday - please ensure your child comes in PE clothes and a school jumper.  


Thank you! 


 We had a great time reading 'The Gruffalo's Child', 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Monsters Love Underpants'. In Science, we learnt about different materials and tested their properties. We wrote character descriptions, retellings and our own story book. 
In Term 1, we read Spider Sandwiches and enjoyed making sandwiches! We tried lots of different flavours and then choose our favourites to combine together. We drew great designs and then evaluated our sandwiches. We thought about health and safety when making sandwiches and how to use equipment carefully. 
Also in Term 1, we completed poetry work linked to Dartford in preparation for our work on Katie Morag. We started off by writing poems about our playground. As a part of this work, we went outside to gather ideas from first hand experiences. We thought about what we could hear, see, smell and feel outside. 

Home Learning in Term 1

An Island Home
In Term 2 we really enjoyed learning about Katie Morag and her island home. This topic gave

us the opportunity to explore many different subjects!

We enjoyed using the Beebots to practise giving instructions around her island home. We explored the Castle McColl, the lighthouse and even got to visit the ship wreck! We then moved onto debugging the Beebots, programming them to trace the outline of numbers and created mazes on the carpet using a range of construction equipment! We had a great time trying each other's mazes out. 

In Term 2, we took part in our whole school 'Celebrating Differences' week. We read the story Elmer and wrote excellent diary entries imagining we were him. We discussed that he tried to hide something that was different about him to fit in but found out that the thing that made him different was the most special thing of all. 

As a part of this week, we all had a jar and then different members of the class wrote nice comments on circles and filled our jars. We then discussed how this made us feel when we read the comments and the power of the words we use. 

Look at the photos below to see us reading all the lovely comments!

We worked hard to investigate floating and sinking linked to Katie Morag. We made predictions about which materials would float and which would sink. We then tested our predictions. We discussed the patterns which we noticed. 
While learning about Island Homes, we worked hard to develop our weaving skills. Our task was to design and make Katie Morag a new skirt to wear to Grannie's wedding. 
We also enjoyed working in groups to compare Dartford and the Isle of Struay, where Katie Morag lives. We noticed many differences, such as: the pier, the sea and the lighthouse but we did also spot some similarities. 
At Christmas time, we enjoyed making models of snowmen and then writing instructions for how to build a snow man. When writing our instructions we tried hard to include commas in a list, expanded noun phrases and a range of sentence openers. 

London Through Time

The Great Fire of London


This half term, Kingfishers have been working hard on this topic from home. We began this topic by looking at 'Homes through Time' and created timelines. We then focussed in on the Great Fire of London. We learnt about the main events of the fire e.g. where it started, how long it lasted and significant people. We also wrote excellent setting descriptions using our senses describing London in 1666. 


We also had a virtual visit from the Fresh Water Theatre Show and loved acting out the different parts of the fire. We also got to look at a range of artefacts and met a range of eye witnesses!


As a part of this topic, one of our topic lessons was to research the fire and then present our understanding using either art (a model or picture), a poster, a fact sheet or a PowerPoint. Look at our great work below:

As a part of our Great Fire of London project, we designed and made our own vehicles. We looked carefully at existing vehicles and labelled key parts of them using key vocabulary. We then designed our own, thinking about the resources we would use and what features our vehicles should have. Look at our great vehicles we made at home below:

Term 4 - Through the Key Hole


This half term, we completed a range of writing:

  • non-fiction writing linked to the Victorians
  • story writing linked to The Green Ship linked to World Book Day. 
  • setting description linked to The Bear and The Piano
  • imitating the story of The Bear and the Piano 
  • Spring poetry writing

For World Book Week, we enjoyed completing work on 'The Green Ship'. This story is written by the Children's Laureate Quentin Blake and is based on two children who go on wonderful adventures using their imaginations. Below are some of our very creative responses:

Building on our work on The Great Fire of London, we looked at what London was like in the Victorian times. Over the term we looked at Victorian homes, daily life and food.


Also this half term, as a part of our Jigsaw work we made healthy snacks. We used a range of ingredients including: mango, strawberries, pears and rice cakes. We also talked about safety and using the equipment carefully. Our favourite part was when we got to taste them. 

An African Adventure

This half term in English, we read and discussed the Three Little Pigs and then created our own versions of this story using African animals. We enjoyed comparing this story to the Wolf's version of events. 


We also wrote excellent descriptions of physical locations in Kenya, for example the savannah and Mount Kenya. We also composed our African adventure stories based on 'Up'. 

This topic gave us the opportunity to build on our geography work from Term 2. We revisited the 4 countries in the UK and then identified the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Through this work, we located African and discussed its location in relation to the equator and how this impacts on its weather. We then went outside and drew our own maps using chalk. We had to work hard as a group to draw our maps and used atlases to support us. 

Through this topic, we learnt about a range of African animals and then as a class choose to focus on giraffes. We wrote excellent reports on giraffes focussing on what they look like, where they live and what they eat. 

At the end of Term 5, we worked hard to participate in a 'Roots into Food' workshop. We used a range of ingredients and Darren taught us how to be safe when using tools and techniques. We learnt the bridge and claw technique. We also discussed the nutritional value of the teriyaki chicken that we cooked! We really enjoyed tasting our cooking!

As part of our 'Knowing Me, Knowing you week' we participated in a yoga workshop run by a yoga teacher. We thoroughly enjoyed this calm, peaceful time and having time to develop our strategies for relaxation. 

It was really relaxing and after we were finished it stayed with me all day - Phebean

After the session I felt really relaxed and calm - Myrah

After the yoga session, I felt relaxed and my muscles felt like they'd had a good stretch - Clark

I felt very good for the rest of the day - Kai

After the yoga session I felt relaxed and will use the strategies to help me - Rian

Life in the Woods

This half term our learning is based around woodland habitats. Over the term we will be learning about plants, mini beasts and woodland animals. To enhance our learning during this topic we will be going to Shorne Woods and working alongside their rangers to develop our learning. 


In English we will be using the following texts:

In Term 6, we went on a school trip to Shorne Country Park to support our Woodland Topic work. First we went to the education centre and then went to the pond outside and completed pond dipping. We found a newt, lots of water boatmen and we even found a huge dragon fly! After lunch, we went on a minibeast hunt in the sensory garden and went into the woodland. We found lots of minibeasts and learnt about their habitats. We had a really great day!


I really enjoyed the pond dipping - Thevisharn

I really enjoyed seeing the dragon fly - even though it made some people jump! - Kya

I really enjoyed pond dipping, minibeast hunting and lunch! - Clark

I enjoyed drawing the pond life and using shading to make them look real! - Huxley

I liked the pond dipping and eating my lunch! - Deniz


As a part of our topic work this half term, we made woodland animal puppets. We choose to make either a hedgehog, a badger, an owl and a fox. This was linked to our non-fiction writing in English. We had to work extremely hard to concentrate on our sewing and used a range of running stitch and over sewing. We were very proud of our finished puppets!