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Kingfishers - Year 2

Welcome to Kingfishers! We hope you enjoy looking at our learning on this page!


Please remember our home learning is always due in on a Thursday and will be sent back out the next day. We also collect reading records in once a week to be checked.


The children change their books on a daily basis. Please ensure they bring a water bottle into school for fruit and drinks time after play time. Also ensure their PE kit is in school every day. 


Thank you! 

 We had a great time reading 'The Gruffalo's Child', 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Monsters Love Underpants'. In Science, we learnt about different materials and tested their properties. We wrote character descriptions, retellings and our own story book. 
In Term 1, we read Spider Sandwiches and enjoyed making sandwiches! We tried lots of different flavours and then choose our favourites to combine together. We drew great designs and then evaluated our sandwiches. We thought about health and safety when making sandwiches and how to use equipment carefully. 
Also in Term 1, we completed poetry work linked to Dartford in preparation for our work on Katie Morag. We started off by writing poems about our playground. As a part of this work, we went outside to gather ideas from first hand experiences. We thought about what we could hear, see, smell and feel outside. 

Term 2 - Katie Morag

In Term 2 we really enjoyed learning about Katie Morag and her island home. This topic gave us the opportunity to explore many different subjects!

We enjoyed using the Beebots to practise giving instructions around her island home. We explored the Castle McColl, the lighthouse and even got to visit the ship wreck! We then moved onto debugging the Beebots, programming them to trace the outline of numbers and created mazes on the carpet using a range of construction equipment! We had a great time trying each other's mazes out. 

Floating and sinking

We worked hard to investigate floating and sinking linked to Katie Morag. We made predictions about which materials would float and which would sink. We then tested our predictions. We discussed the patterns which we noticed. 
We also enjoyed working in groups to compare Dartford and the Isle of Struay, where Katie Morag lives. We noticed many differences, such as: the pier, the sea and the lighthouse but we did also spot some similarities. 

Term 3


In Term 3, Kingfishers are busy learning about The Great Fire of London. We have already created excellent timelines using a range of openers, written recounts and collaged the houses. We have also writing setting descriptions describing what London was like in 1666. 


We also had a visit from the Fresh Water Theatre Show and loved acting out the different parts of the fire. We also got to look at a range of artefacts and meet a range of eye witnesses!

Term 4 - Through the Key Hole
Next half term our English work will be based on Fairy Tales. We will be writing our own fairy tales linked to Jack and the Beanstalk, writing re-tellings with a twist and writing a character profile of the Big Bad Wolf. 
Also next half term, our work will be based around Victorian homes. We will learn about how their lives were different to ours and how they used to live. As a part of this work we will go on our class trip to Hall Place and learn History from first hand experiences.