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Welcome to Kestrels 2022 - 2023!

We hope you enjoy looking at our learning on this page.


Please remember our home learning is always due in on a Thursday. We also collect reading records in once a week on a Friday. 


Please ensure they bring a water bottle into school for fruit and drinks time after play time. Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday - please ensure your child comes into school in PE clothes and a school jumper.  


Thank you

Ukulele Concert

Grangewater Activity Centre

Roots to Food



Amazing Amazon

This term, we are learned all about the Amazon rainforest. We located South America on a map of the world and used the index to find countries of South America. As a class, we research the physical features of Brazil. As well as this, we learned that Brazil has more than one climate. This surprised some of us! 

World Book Day 2023

'You are a Reader'



Kestrels had a wonderful time immersing ourselves in all things book related.  We have focused on inspirational figures. We enjoyed reading about David Attenborough and the impact that he has had on both broadcasting and the environment. We watched some of David's most famous documentaries and discussed his achievements. We, the, wrote biographies about David.



Ancient Greeks



This term, the children are learning about the Ancient Greeks. The children place key events on timelines, use sources of information to infer what life was like during Ancient Greek times, learn about the two city-states and discuss the legacy of the Ancient Greeks.


To start the topic, we discussed the historical periods that the children have learned about. The children then plotted these periods on a timeline, focusing on key terminology and arranging dates accurately on a timeline.


Royal Observatory Greenwich



To deepen their learning about space, Kestrels visited the Royal Observatory Greenwich. 


As part of the visit, the children were able to explore the grounds and see the meridian line which represents the Prime Meridian of the world, Longitude Zero (0° 0′ 0″). Every place on the Earth is measured in terms of its angle east or west from this line. Since 1884, the Prime Meridian has served as the reference point for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and this line runs across the courtyard of the Royal Observatory where the Planetarium is based. 


During their visit to the Planetarium, they watched a 3D show which took them on an exhilarating journey through the Solar System. They were very keen to ask questions and find out more about the planets.



Bread Beautiful Bread



There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread.

Year 5 recently turned their classroom into a bakery to learn how to make the perfect loaf of bread. To begin, they investigated and evaluated different bread products. 

These included:

  • White loaf
  • Sourdough bread
  • Naan bread
  • Chapatis
  • Pitta bread
  • Challah bread


The budding bakers donned their aprons and were guided through every stage of the bread making process. Pupils practised the craft of mixing and kneading their dough and shaping the loaves before baking their own focaccia bread.  

The sessions formed part of the Year 5 pupils’ English and science curriculum where the children have been developing their listening, language, and independent learning skills and learning about how materials and ingredients change.



Around the World



This half term, we are learning about the world around us. We will start the topic by looking at atlases and maps. We will revise the names of the seven continents and five oceans. We will then look specifically at countries that Phileas Fogg travelled through on his journey around the world. We will compare the rainfall and temperature in different countries. We will compare the physical and human features of countries.


Through this topic, we will be writing:

  • diary entries
  • setting descriptions
  • information texts
  • newspaper reports


During this term, we will also be completing lots of art, focusing on the Japanese artist Hokusai. We will refine shading techniques to draw a mountain peak.


Our key texts this half term are: