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Kingfishers - Year 2

Fire fire!


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London, we took part in a workshop by Freshwater theatre company. We listened to a recount of the event and we acted out how the fire spread along Pudding Lane. It was very exciting! In class we did some follow up work which involved making collages to show the fire scene. We also did some hot seating of Samuel Pepys and then we wrote diary entries with lots of adjectives to describe what he saw. Our writing and art work is displayed in our classroom.

Being a good friend


During Anti-bullying week we talked about Friendship and what it takes to be a good friend, we linked this to our R Factor values and the British value mutual respect and tolerance of others. Then we each decorated a paper chain around the theme of Friendship and put them all together to make a class Friendship chain. The chain represents all of the children in the class and how we are a team who work together.

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Shape Detectives


In Maths, we have been identifying the properties of 2D shapes, involving identifying common 2D shapes, sorting shapes using Venn and Carroll diagrams and investigating symmetry. We have enjoyed being shape detectives and have learnt many new skills. We particularly enjoyed the practical activities as well as working on the computers designing patterns with one line of symmetry, some children were challenged to design patterns with two mirror lines.

We linked our Maths to topic learning by designing and making Shape monsters as well as symmetrical monsters. 

Through the keyhole...


We visited Hall Place to learn about what life was like in Victorian times. We identified and explored different artefacts similar to the ones in our Victorian home role play corner in our classroom.


Did you know that Victorians didn't have washing machines or electricity? During our visit we all had a go at washing cloths using a washboard with carbolic soap, the posser in the tin barrel and the mangle to dry the cloth. It was hard work!

If you want to know more about this process you can read our instructions displayed in the corridor and in our Topic books. Don't forget if your washing machine ever stops working you know where to come!

High and Low


In Gymnastics this term we have been learning to balance using different parts of our body. We focused on balancing high and low from floor to apparatus. In addition to this we also developed different ways of travelling in various directions and speed. This linked to Maths because we used positional language to describe our sequence of movements. We learnt how to safely take the apparatus out and to put it away too, this was linked to Literacy because we wrote a set of instructions.

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