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Royal Observatory Trip

Royal Observatory Trip 1

Out of This World

Kestrels had a truly amazing day at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.  They started the day with an engaging workshop based on the movement of the Earth, Moon and the Sun.  The children were able to see size comparisons between the Sun and the planets and learn more about the Earth's orbit.  We then visited a series of galleries that the children could learn about the history of space exploration and get an insight into future space missions.  Following a quick lunch break the children sat down for the planetarium show.  This was simply incredible, as the gasps from the children testified.  The children were given a guided tour of our sky and had the chance to look in greater depth at Mars and Neptune.  I know each child came back fascinated to learn more about our Solar System and beyond.       

The River Flows by Kestrels

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The children had a fantastic experience understanding what is involved in writing, performing and recording a song. Every member of the class contributed to the song writing process and in the final performance. 'The River Flows' is a song inspired about kindness, but also demonstrated how well the children are able to collaborate together in an enjoyable and effective way.

Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit

During our topic on the Amazon Rainforest we had a visit from Zoolab. They came in with some rainforest animals which the children were able to handle and ask questions about.  They learnt a lot about the individual animals that they were shown and the impact that humans are having on their habitat.  

Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit

Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit 1
Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit 2
Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit 3
Amazing Amazon - Zoolab visit 4

How tall is the giant? -  Maths morning

The children were given a giant footprint, and then had numerous maths problems to solve from it.  How tall is the giant? What are the perimeter and area of its bed and duvet? What is the capacity of the giant's mug?  The children were also given a cake recipe and had to work out how much of each ingredient the giant would need to make a cake and what percentage of the total ingredients he uses.  Throughout the morning the children used standard and non-standard units, addition, multiplication, division, capacity, area, perimeter, percentages and scaling to solve problems. 

Giant maths problems

Giant maths problems 1
Giant maths problems 2
Giant maths problems 3
Giant maths problems 4

British Values Workshop

During the workshop the children discussed what it meant to be British and what values we feel are important.  The children then created a play, which they performed to the rest of Key Stage 2, showing examples of British Values and they included famous people who they believe demonstrate these values.  


British Values Workshop

British Values Workshop 1
British Values Workshop 2
British Values Workshop 3
British Values Workshop 4

Our Amazing World!


During the first term in Year 5, the children have been learning about our own planet through our topic, Our Amazing World.  All of the children have shown immense enthusiasm for the topic and the variety of activities that they have participated in.  They started by investigating national parks from across the globe, giving them all an introduction to each of the inhabited continents.  They have completed practical activities to help them understand lines of latitude and longitude and drawn wonderful, accurate pictures of the continents and their features.  Using computers throughout the topic, the children have created leaflets, PowerPoint presentations and blog posts.  We completed the topic with an orienteering exercise whereby the children used 4-figure grid references to locate different world flags around the school and answer topic related questions.       

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4