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Sampling some Street dance 


We took part in an inspiring Street dance workshop, in which we were taught specific skills by a Specialist teacher from DSTC, and then we were given time in groups to choreograph a sequence incorporating these new skills. We had to apply our 'Building learning power' muscles here; planning, collaboration and empathy and listening were key to group success!

'Around the world' spinning on the floor was a firm class favourite, as well as the Kung Fu kick! All of the final sequences were very different, and incredibly creative too. 


"I've learnt to turn and face one direction, focusing on one point." Alex K.


"I liked the fact that we could create our own dances." Elliot


"I really enjoyed the improvising part!" Alice.


"I've learnt how to spin on the floor on one hand." Louis.


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Exploring commitment in Sikhism


This term in RE we have been learning about how Sikh people show their commitment to God. We have consolidated our previous learning about key Sikh beliefs and values too. We learnt about how Sikh people make a commitment to God by joining Khalsa, and by wearing the 5Ks.

Do you know what these are, and what they symbolise?

We also discussed how Sikhs commit by giving up their time to do Seva (helping others) and to prepare and make Langar (a traditional vegetarian tray of food) this links in with the Sikh belief of treating everybody equally. We watched some video clips and heard of some of the children's first hand experiences of visiting the Gurdwara; Gurjeevan, Tristan, Max, Hope, Ffion and Alex G were all able to tell us about Langar and Seva. We made posters to promote Seva (helping others) and then we had a debate about different levels of commitment too, it was very interesting.

You will be able to see our reflections in our RE books.

Amazing Amazon!


We have been learning about rainforests during Topic lessons and as part of our home learning too. We have used our mapping skills to retrieve information from atlases, computing skills to present our research, we've developed our blending skills in painting and we've had lots of opportunities for cross-curricular writing too.

Our big question for enquiry was 'How is the rainforest changing?'

Do you know how it's changing and what is causing this change? We've had lots of debates about deforestation, an issue which is affecting rainforests around the world.

We had a visit from Zoo Lab and we were lucky enough to meet some common rainforest species such as a Corn snake, Giant African snail, Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, Bearded Dragon and a Chilean Rose Tarantula. Most of us were brave enough to touch and hold the different creatures, it was a fantastic experience!

The Great Gateway Bake Off

We recently had a cross-curricular TASC day about bread. During this specially themed day, we worked in groups to find out about where bread comes from, how it's made and how it varies around the world. We began by tasting different types of bread, as inspiration for our own bread roll designs. Once we had chosen our best design, we wrote a set of instructions for how to make bread, we linked the bread making process to our Science topic, by exploring the changing materials. We all agreed that the kneading stage was the most challenging! In Maths we made nets for our packaging, carefully measuring to the nearest mm, and in Writing we designed slogans and jingles for our packaging and adverts. At the end of the day we took part in peer and self assessment, you'll find feedback in our Project folders. We took our bread rolls home in our packaging for family to try! Since then, lots of us have been experimenting by baking bread rolls at home too.

Out of this world!

As part of our Earth, Sun and Moon topic we visited the Royal Greenwich Observatory. We took part in an interactive workshop; exploring the similarities and differences between the Earth, Sun and were fascinated by the scale of them. We also learnt about solar and lunar eclipses, it was very interesting! After exploring the Weller Astronomer galleries, we watched an amazing state of the art planetarium show which enabled us to fly through our solar system, compare the planets and examine day and night time sky. It was an inspiring, immersive experience which generated lots of Scientific questioning from us all, we were fortunate enough to have a Q&A session with the Astronomer at the end of the day. We all had such an amazing time, the visit really was 'out of this world!'




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Healthy Living 'Lifestyle' by Kestrels

We were fortunate enough to take part in a special song writing day with Nathan Timothy from 'The Songwriting charity'. We learned how songs are written, recorded and produced, we included verses, backing music, melodies and a chorus all about Healthy living. Built up layers of sound was fun; adding filters and special effects.  Listen carefully... can you hear the beat boxing and the Djembe drum in the background? Our song 'Lifestyle' can be downloaded on iTunes now.

Around the World


We have been learning about the world's continents, oceans and major cities in Topic. This has involved drawing maps on the playground and making 3D globes to show the equator, and tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This was a messy but fun group activity! We have also learnt about Climate and Biomes and how these vary across the world. Do you know what a Biome is? (You'll find the answer along with some examples in our project folders.) We have also compared different places around the world and presented our findings in PowerPoint presentations. In Computing we looked at ways to present our information about the world and blogging too. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from Mr Leachman, a Parent Governor who shared his experiences of a recent trip to India with us. This was very interesting, we asked lots of geographical questions!

A big feature of our topic has been recent weather around the world including Hurricane Irma, which gripped us all. We followed the news reports, tracked the hurricane's journey and wrote our very own newspaper reports. You will find our fantastic writing displayed in our classroom.