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In Year 6 we have been learning about circuits and how they can be used to create a game which children can play. We made our own games and included a circuit so that children could get an instant response to a question.

Electronic games

Safety in action

Year Six went to Cobham Hall to participate in this years Safety In Action.They were split into four teams and took part in ten different activities;including,fire safety,water safety,rail safety,road safety and drugs and alcohol.They also learnt some basic first aid,what to do in an emergency and how to put someone into the recovery position.

Island shelters

On Wednesday 29th July Eagles class participated in an architecture workshop. As they are currently studying islands, their challenge was to design and build a shelter for one of three different islands; Iceland, Madagascar or Tenerife. Depending on the island they agreed upon, there were certain criteria that they had to meet to deal with that islands climate.

Iceland-shelter had to have an entrance and keep you warm

Madagascar-shelter had to be off the ground

Tenerife-shelter had to have a separate living and sleeping area

All the shelters had to accommodate the whole team.

At the end of the session all the shelters were tested to see if they were sturdy enough to withstand the weather on the island and points were awarded for extra design features.

The winning shelter was for the island of Madagascar and was designed and built by; Aryan, Emmanuel, Owen, Ralfie and Ryan.



As part of their topic work on WWII, Eagles class had a visit from the Freshwater Theatre Company, who ran a workshop to help them imagine what life was like for wartime children.

They participated in drama activities to experience different aspects of the war, including air raids, rationing and evacuations of Home Front Britain. The class all agreed that the workshop had really helped them to empathise with the experiences of children living through the war.

Rugby World Cup


We have been focusing on the world of sport for our dance unit in P.E.  As this year has been the year of the Rugby World Cup, it seemed fitting that our dance should be based on the traditional ancestral war dance of the Māori people of New Zealand – The Haka!

Our version began with a simple Haka style routine over 16 beats.  Our key words to think about during creating our own versions were power, intimidation, calmness and control.  It grew and grew over the weeks, until finally we were in three teams of ten, all challenging each other to battle.

Each team chose to personalise their Haka in various ways, including team formation, starting and finishing poses and rallying war cry.

Haka 1.AVI

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Haka 2.AVI

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Haka 3.AVI

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Haka 4.AVI

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Advertising our Games


In English we have created slogans and advertisements for our games which we made in science and design technology. We reviewed a range of radio adverts and worked out what was memorable about them and tried to include these features in our own adverts. Have a listen and let us know which ones you remember!

Arnas Amelia.wav

Tommy Emmanuel.wav

Richie Amy Freddie.wav

Billy Afua.wav


Callums Molly.wav

Max Erin.wav