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R.E. Curriculum

Religious Education

Enquiry based learning is at the heart of our approach to teaching R.E.  This enables our pupils to develop understanding about world religions as well as empathy with people and their beliefs to equip them for life in a diverse society.


Critical thinking skills are developed in a model where children are encouraged to voice their own thoughts and views concerning religion and belief.  They are encouraged to reflect on 'big questions'.


We use the Discovery R.E. scheme of work to deliver our R.E. Curriculum.

  •  This makes RE a learning experience to look forward to
  •  Provides a safe enquiry space
  •  Enhances critical thinking and evaluation skills
  •   Supports spiritual development
  •   Equips children for a world of diversity
  •   Strongly promotes SMSC development


An overview of our R.E. curriculum can be found here.